Escort Max 360

Ohio-based electronics radar specialists Escort recently introduced their latest product, the Max 360, a radar/laser detector touted as the “most advanced” on the market.

Being that there’s a number of ways to get a ticket these days — from radar and laser guns to red light cameras and air patrol, as well as speed cameras — being protected is a good investment… and Escort wants to help.

Recommended over competitor Valentine One, its new Max 360 offers drivers 360-degree protection and detection from radars and lasers, via quantum limited video receiver and multiple laser sensors in all directions. Other features include a built in Bluetooth technology that gives access to Escort’s award-winning app, ESCORT Live, which taps into the brand’s real-time ticket-protection network to warn drivers of upcoming alerts received and reported by other users in the area.

Other features include unmatched precision with directional arrows, which indicate where the radar source is coming from; dual antennas that scan for surrounding threats; a GPS-powered AutoLearn technology that intelligently rejects false alerts; and Digital Signal Processing, which provides extreme range and lightning fast response.

The Max 360 even alerts you if you are going over the speed limit. Best of all, if ordered directly from Escort’s website, the company offers a limited speeding ticket guarantee… meaning if you get a ticket, they will pay for it!!

Get the Escort 360 here.

We’ve received a review model of the Escort Max 360, and will be publishing a more in-depth review very soon.

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