August Alsina

Just one day before the release of his sophomore album, This Thing Called Life, August Alsina took to social media to blast his label, Def Jam.

On Twitter, the singer expressed his anger with Def Jam for making the entire album available to stream on Vevo.

“I didn’t do this. My sh*tty ass label did it. They’re just f*cking Sh*tty! Smh,” Alsina wrote. “Can’t win for f*ckin losing dawg. F*CKKKKKKKKK YOU @DefJamRecords.”

Despite the tweets, a few hours later, he backpedaled with a message on Instagram, apologizing for his behavior. “I know in the past my actions have shown me to be seemingly ignorant because of my very BIG mouth,” Alsina wrote. “I hate to come off negatively in any way possible and I may not handle every situation the way you may see fit.

“My ‘F*ck You’ tweet came from a place of frustration,” he continued. “I can’t express to you how much hard work was poured into this album, it’s [sic] presentation & roll out so for it to be leaked because of careless mistakes hurts me to the core.”

Despite telling Def Jam to F… off, he says: “I have a great deal of respect for my Def-Jam family, but I hate the disappointment my album leaking has caused my fans. I hope this letter provides a better understanding of where I’m coming from.”

Shortly after, the album was removed from Vevo.