After getting into an altercation with Game in Miami earlier this month, local rapper Stitches took to social media to address the incident.

As previously reported, Stitches was floored by Game’s manager when he tried to confront the rapper outside a Miami nightclub on Dec. 4. This week, via an IG post (via WorldStarHipHop), the rapper claims he was sucker-punched… but is still here.

“I got sucker-punched the other day. Ain’t nobody hidin’ their face and I got jumped by my own n*ggas yesterday. N*gga, all ya’ll p*ssy,” Stitches says in the clip.

In the caption, he vowed to get even, and even says Game paid the people around him to attack him.

“This sh*t don’t make me or break me,” he wrote. “It taught me to literally trust no one . F*ck the game and f*ck the niggas who jumped me yesterday . You know where I be at . Anybody can run up and get it. I will continue to sh*t on all of them cause at the end of the day I remember n*ggas begging me like little bitches to shout them out on Instagram. You did good cutting that check to n*ggas @losangelesconfidential . But I promise Ima catch you punk bitch . And f*ck anybody who can’t repsect the fact I walked up to him myself and he couldn’t do his own dirt”.