Chance The Rapper Criticizes Spike Lee’s “CHI-RAQ” Movie

Chance The Rapper

Since the first trailer for CHI-RAQ dropped in early November, director Spike Lee has received backlash from the city’s hip-hop community.

Most recently, Chance The Rapper weighed in on the film… adding to the criticism.

“Let me be the one from Chicago to personally tell you we not supporting this film out here,” Chance wrote in a series of tweets. “That sh*t get ZERO love out here. Sh*t is goofy and it’s a bunch of ppl from NOT around here telling u to support that sh*t. The people that made that sh*t didn’t do so to ‘Save Lives.’ It’s exploitive and problematic.”

While some criticized the film, likening it to a comedy, Lee has addressed the backlash, explaining that it is satire.

Apparently, CHI-RAQ is based on the Greek play, “Lysistrata”, in which women abstain from sex in order to stop local violence.┬áChance thinks this ideology is ridiculous.

“The idea that women abstaining from sex would stop murders is offensive and a slap in the face to any mother that lost a child here,” he said. “You don’t do any work with the children of Chicago, You don’t live here, you’ve never watched someone die here. Don’t tell me to be calm.”

In addition to Chance, local-bred rappers such as Rhymefest, Lil Bibby, Lil Durk and others have expressed their displeasure for the film.

  1. Spike has always been an egotistical blow hard, pretentious and a hypocrite (after telling us how racist this country is, he refused interviews with white journalists–hello?–that’s racism, dummy–and these were boot-licking journalists…er…I mean the same journalists we have today); women withholding sex will prevent mass violence?
    Pah-leeze. Pah-thetic. His next movie explores how we all stuck “coexist” bumper stickers on our cars, and, voila, there was peace in the world. Bad guys are moved to tears and throw their guns in the river, Saudi Arabia stopped stoning women to death, muslims shake hands with the Jews. I’m getting teary-eyed just thinking about it. Truly, a masterpiece.

  2. First of all you moron,stop using a word that you don’t even have a clue what the word means(it’s clearly apparent that there are so very many who use the word “racist” who use it far too much out of context).I would invite you to first do some research before making ignorant comments…as far as Spike is concerned when it comes to the movie Chiraq (i know that there are very many misinformed undereducated people out there who can’t begin to understand what “satire” is,but as he has said out of his own mouth…THE MOVIE IS SATIRE!!!! POINT BLANK PERIOD)so please get over yourself,stop feeding into the “hype” and by the way…It is Spike lee’s prerogative to be interviewed by whomever he chooses(nobody is interviewing you…but you also have that right if you ever become relevant.

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