Rick Ross

Rick Ross weighed in on his never-ending feud with 50 Cent this week, during a recent appearance on HOT 97.

“I’ma be honest, man, to me that’s dead,” he says of his issues with 50 Cent. “That whole situation is dead in all aspects. People been saying that [they’re coming to see me for] a long time about Renzel. It’s talk. Stop. Don’t even play yourself. Don’t even play your listeners. Don’t play yourself. Stop.”

Last month, the two exchanged words online and through interviews. In response to a number of disses from Fif, Rozay took to Instagram, claiming 50 Cent’s son had applied for an internship at Ross’ label, Maybach Music Group.

In response to the disrespectful post, 50 Cent said: “That wasn’t a good idea. When I get back you got say this to my face girl. I’m a make it easy I’ll come wherever you at bitch now see if puffy or anyone can help you now. No more to say see you soon.”

Regarding the threat, Rick Ross tells Hot 97 that if a physical confrontation is what 50 wants, he knows where to find him. “You know where I’m at,” he said. “I mean if that’s the answer you want. I gotta state this: this situation is dead. It’s beneath me on a lot of levels. I made that statement on IG and I meant it. It was the truth and I’m still processing the application. And if you ever wanna see Rozay, you can book me. I come to your Momma house. I bring Wingstop, too. So for the 20th time, I never entertain that. You should never entertain that. Rozay ain’t nobody you wanna just come see.”