Wu-Tang’s “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin” Sells For Over $5M

Wu-Tang Clan - Once Upon a Time in Shaolin (1-of-1)

The mysterious, one-of-one album from the Wu-Tang Clan, called Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, has been sold for over $5 million.

While an exact price was not given, the one-of-a-kind album by the legendary group was auctioned off by Paddle8, said reports.

Produced by RZA and Cilvaringz in Marrakech, Morocco, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin is comprised of new material, never previously released, which was recorded by Wu-Tang members over a six-year period.

The 31-track double LP is packaged in a hand-carved nickel silver box designed by British-Moroccan artist Yahya, and comes with a leather-bound book filled with the album’s lyrics, as well as each song’s respective meaning, a gold-leafed certificate of authenticity and a pair of PMC MB2-XBD speakers, worth over $55,000.

RZA announced the album in 2014, but details about the music has been shrouded in secrecy since then.

Its strict copyright restricts the owner from sharing the music for another 88 years. So, when the year 2103 comes around, “It will still be [the owner’s] choice at that [point] to release it or not release it,” Cilvaringz previously stated.

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