Tyler The Creator Jabs 50 Cent: “He Made The Same Album 3 Times”

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The break-up of Odd Future has been a topic of discussion among fans since Tyler The Creator declared it “no more” earlier this year.

Earl Sweatshirt previously said he doesn’t want to “be defined by” his contribution to the group, while Hodgy Beats recently called Tyler “a fraud”.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, frontman Tyler addresses the current state of Odd Future… before jabbing 50 Cent while discussing criticism over his Cherry Bomb album.

“N*ggas grow,” he said. “I just want everyone to shine. And I hope everyone takes the opportunities that they have thrown at them and get out of their head. Sometimes I think people are in their head too much and never take a step back and just look.”

Regarding criticism over Cherry Bomb, Tyler calls it his best work yet, but understands why fans of his previous work weren’t happy.

“We get stuck in nostalgia,” said the 24-year-old rapper. “I wish Pharrell could make In My Mind a million times, but it makes me appreciate him so much that he’s not stuck. 50 Cent was stuck, trying to make the same album three times and now look.”

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