These Days: 10 Years of Vans Syndicate (Recap)

These Days: 10 Years of Vans Syndicate (Recap)

Skateboarding legends and loyal Vans Syndicate fans stormed Fairfax’s Known Gallery last Friday (November 20) to celebrate the ten year anniversary of Van’s dedicatedly hardcore line, Vans Syndicate.

The night saw an exclusive panel with some of Vans Syndicate’s most noteworthy collaborators including: Shawn Stussy (S/Double), Jason Dill (Fucking Awesome), and Tet Nishiyama (WTAPS). A retrospective installation of past Sk8-Hi and Authentic collaborations were also on display; serving as an impressive opportunity to witness Syndicate’s storied ten-year relationship with skateboarding and design. Syndicate co-founder and Vans Head of Design, Rian Pozzebon, moderated the night’s panel.

These Days: 10 Years of Vans Syndicate was only scheduled to be on display this past weekend (11/20-11/22), but if you’re lucky you still might be able to catch the gallery before it’s taken down.

Known Gallery
441 North Fairfax Avenue,
Los Angeles, CA 90036

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