Sean Kingston Says He Was Kidnapped In L.A. Over Pricey Watch

By Staff  |  11/23/2015

Sean Kingston

Sean Kingston was reportedly kidnapped in Los Angeles recently... over a $225,000 watch, reports TMZ.

The singer claims he was kidnapped after a deal went wrong with L.A.-based jeweler, Avianne Jewelers. He claims he put down $185,000 on a watch priced at $225,000, but when he refused to pay the balance because he felt the watch wasn't worth it, things got sticky.

Kingston tells police that the jewelers agreed to exchange it for another piece that was actually priced at $185,000, and asked that he meet them in a Downtown L.A. parking lot at 1:50 am to make the trade.

When he entered the back of the jeweler's car, the watch was snatched from him, and they refused to give him another watch, after which Kingston "went nuts." From there, Kingston says the men locked him in the car and drove him to a secluded area, where they threw him from the car.

The LAPD are currently investigating, and if the story is true, the jewelers could face kidnapping charges.