Chris Hemsworth Reveals Shocking Weight Loss For New Film

By Staff  |  11/23/2015

Chris Hemsworth for 'In the Heart of the Sea'

Woah! Actor Chris Hemsworth, best known for his role as Thor and buff physique, dropped major weight for his upcoming film, In the Heart of the Sea.

In the film, based on the 1820 event that inspired the classic Moby Dick, he plays Owen Chase, a sailor who is lost at sea after a massive whale destroys his ship and leaves him and his crew stranded for 90 days.

Hemsworth took to the 'Gram to show off his transformation from buff to skinny and bearded, and jokingly says he he tried a "Lost at Sea" diet, a la Tom Hanks in Cast Away.

"We have to shoot the really skinny stuff where we drop down to 500, 600, 700 calories a day, a good three or four weeks," Hemsworth told Entertainment Tonight during shooting. "I spend more time thinking about food than anything else at the moment."

In the Heart of the Sea releases Dec. 11.