Frigo Underwear Says Derek Jeter Left When It Signed 50 Cent

By Staff  |  11/19/2015

Derek Jeter and 50 Cent

MLB legend Derek Jeter is being sued by Frigo Underwear, after he alleged backed out of their contract when 50 Cent joined.

According to TMZ, Jeter was two years into a three-year contract as a director of Frigo, a Swedish underwear company, when it was poised to enter the U.S. market. At the time, Jeter said he didn't want his involvement with the company to be public, so the company signed 50 Cent on as a brand ambassador... resulting in Jeter leaving.

Why? Frigo owner Mathias Ingvarsson claims Jeter felt 50 would make the brand too "urban," and disagreed with the move.

The company is seeking $4.7 million from Jeter for breach of contract, claiming it lost value when he departed.

In a statement, Jeter denied the claims, particularly, that he objected to 50 Cent being involved in the brand. "I facilitated the introductory meeting between 50 Cent and the company, so it makes absolutely no sense that I would object to 50 Cent being a Frigo brand ambassador or think that 50 Cent is 'too urban' for the brand," he said "(Company CEO Mathias Ingvarsson's) statements are particularly malicious because he knew all along that I never agreed to be a spokesperson or ambassador for the brand, and that is confirmed in documents that Mr. Ingvarsson himself signed."

50 Cent responded to the report on Instagram this week, poking fun at the situation. "Wow, guess I'm not a Yankees fan anymore," Fif wrote, along with a picture of Jeter in his Yankees uniform. "LETS GO METS? Man you can't trust nobody these day.smh"