Yo Gotti Talks DM Game & Trying To Get At Angela Simmons

Yo Gotti

Yo Gotti stopped by Hot 97 this week, while in town on his independent grind, and broke down his DM game.

With his new song, “Down In The DM”, making its rounds, the rapper explains why his DMs be popping.

“The DM be popping though,” Gotti explains, before admitting that he’s tried to holler at Angela Simmons in her DMs. “Yea, I got a crush on her. I [DM’ed] her before… I didn’t get no reply. I guess that’s why I went public (laughs)…

“She must ain’t check it,” he continued, adding that he ain’t giving up. “I ain’t never movd on from nothing I want. You gotta be consistent.”

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