Ronda Rousey Receives 60-Day Medical Suspension

By Staff  |  11/18/2015

Ronda Rousey

Former UFC women's champion Ronda Rousey has received a 60-day medical suspension, following a vicious knockout by Holly Holm at UFC 193 over the weekend.

According to FOX Sports, the suspension could be extended to 180 days, if she fails a CT scan.

While details are unclear, it's likely that Rousey suffered some sort of head injury after the head kick that rendered her unconcious for a brief period. There were rumors that she suffered a broken jaw, but UFC president Dana White has since denounced those rumors.

Following the fight, Rousey was transported to a hospital, where White said she received stitches for a busted lip.

In an interview with TMZ Live, White blasted those who have trolled Rousey on social media.

"First of all, she didn't touch gloves with Holly on Saturday, which I'm sure is a big part of it. But the stuff on social media and the things I've seen, there's just dirty, horrible people that just love to come out and be nasty and be negative and with social media, even idiots can have opinions," he said. "Ronda trained hard for this fight. Ronda went to Melbourne two weeks ahead of time to acclimate over there. Ronda had a bad night, she lost. She needs to come back, get in the gym, overcome this thing and fight Holly again."