Q&A: Nationals Pitcher Gio Gonzalez Talks Jordan Brand

By Karen Capalaran  |  11/17/2015

Gio Gonzalez

With training at the core of Michael Jordan's success, Jordan Brand showed off its commitment to train in the off-season and succeed in-season with a special training session at Dick's Sporting Goods in Glendale, Calif. earlier this month... which included two-time All-Star pitcher, Gio Gonzalez.

During the event, we had some time to chop it up with Gonzalez about training, his relationship with Jordan Brand, and of course, sneakers.

What is your take on the collaboration with Jordan Brand and Dicks Sporting Goods?

I think the collaboration together is incredible. It's ground breaking, in my opinion, and they are just opening doors to make both brands stronger. Jordan, to me, is the most elite brand you can put in any store. It's going to provide a lot of scenery. I think Dick's Sporting Goods did a great job by putting it together and working with Jordan, because where ever you go -- especially if you are a Jordan head -- you want to know what the latest shoe is out there. I'm 100% sure the people that work at the store know their Jordans.

[Chris Paul] was talking about how each of his shoes tell a story and if an employee doesn't know that and can't explain it to a customer, then they are missing out on something spectacular. I told CP now that I heard his story and that all nine of his shoes have story behind it, he's basically making a book with his own story.

What story would you put on your own shoe?

Where I grew up, my family and everything that represents me. My fiancé and I are expecting, so I'm excited, it's my first child. It's exciting to be with Jordan Brand because everything has a story. It makes me want to put something like that on a shoe. Who would have thought of putting a story that on a shoe?

Gio Gonzalez

How does Jordan Brand give you the confidence during the season?

When I step in the dirt with Jordan Spikes, I feel confident with the way I look and feel, it just says it all. To know what I am -- one of seven in the big leagues to represent Jordan -- when I step on the mound boosts my confidence up.

What is your all time favorite Jordan shoe?

Oh man, my favorite shoes are the Space Jam 11's and the True Blue 3's.