Element 2015 Winter Wolfeboro Jacket Collection

By Jay Casteel  |  11/17/2015

Element launched a new range of jackets for the Winter 2015 season, dubbed the Wolfeboro collection.

The drop consists of a comprehensive assortment of jackets, inspired by the rugged traditions of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, and Element founder Johnny Schillereff's East Coast roots. Throughout Johnny's youth, his family moved countless times and he would visit his great grandfather's lakeside cabin in Wolfeboro, which is the only place he would consider home... which becomes the namesake for this collection.

The Wolfeboro collection features updated classic silhouettes with stylish details, slim cuts and rugged fabrications featuring Authentech technology. The pieces include breathability for moisture evaporation and comfort, windproof material, waterproof coating and insulation.

The Element Wolfeboro collection is available now at the brand's online store and authorized stocklists.