Hodgy Beats Calls Out Tyler The Creator: “He’s A Fraud”

Hodgy Beats

Odd Future came onto the scene strong in 2011, as a unit consisting of a number of artists. These days, there’s a divide… with Tyler The Creator remaining the most visible of the collective.

In May, Tyler reminisced about Odd Future on social media, saying that he misses his friends, while saying Odd Future is “no more.”

During the group’s annual Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival this weekend, member Hodgy Beats opened up about the rift within the group… before later calling Tyler “a fraud” on social media.

“Think about who built the name OF together as a unit. Now Think about who took the first initial sh*t on OF,” he tweeted. “If it wasn’t for OF where would Tyler be?”

“Call me jealous. Just don’t call my phone. Tyler is a fraud,” Hodgy continued. H”e turned his back on n*ggas that never crossed him and I’m not just speaking for myself only… Where Earl go?” he wrote. “I know he had no part in the carnival.

“This is a business. Remember that all you see is only brought to your eyes. I know everything that goes on in the background and I respect him enough not to blast that. Just know a young n*gga changing faces.”

Later, Tyler responded, saying he’s done all he can to help his friends.

“N*ggas got me f*cked up. I put too many n*ggas on. I helped too many of my motherf*cking friends out. And n*ggas gonna come foul? And you know who the f*ck I’m talking about n*gga. And yes, it’s getting real. I love you though.”

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