Derrick Rose Could Have Blurred Vision For Months

By Staff  |  11/16/2015

Derrick Rose

Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose has been complaining of blurred vision since September, after suffering a facial fracture... and apparently might have to deal with it for a few months.

According to ESPN, Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg acknowledged recently that Rose will have to experience blurred vision for a while.

"[The doctors] said it could be as long as three months," Hoiberg said. "But [the vision] has continued to improve, and that's obviously a positive."

Rose suffered a left orbital fracture during the Bulls' first training camp practice on Sept. 29... and said he's have problems with double vision since having surgery Sept. 30.

It's affected his game as well. He's struggled so far this season, averaging just 12.6 points -- down almost eight points per game from his career average.

"This is my first time hearing about it," Rose said of the possible three-month timeline. "But you kind of have that hope in your mind that it gets well a lot quicker. But for this to be seven or eight [weeks] out and still the same way, I can't do nothing but live with it. Get the most out of every day, keep putting my deposits in and keep working on my game until my eye gets better.

"But I'm loving the way that I'm working out, I'm loving the way that we're playing. We're winning games, so that's the only thing that I'm worried about. Everything else will come."