Adrien Broner Responds To Mayweather: “You a F*ck Boy”

Adrien Broner

Boxer Adrien Broner took to the Internet this week, calling Floyd Mayweather a “f*ck boy” for recent comments he made about him needing to grow up.

“You told me to grow up. N*gga, you got some growing up to do… and you older than me. Come on, man. I’d never put out a diss and diss Floyd Mayweather. I wouldn’t let a n*gga in my camp diss Floyd Mayweather… That sh*t you did was weak. That was some gay ass sh*t, for real,” Broner says in a Youtube video.

The issues between the friends started after Mayweather said his TMT fighter Ashley Theophane could beat Broner. After winning the vacant light welterweight title in October, Broner challenged Floyd, saying if he brings his fighter to him… he’d finish him.

Sometime after, Broner would diss TMT Promotions altogether, saying that he doesn’t like anyone at the company, besides Mayweather, who didn’t appreciate the comments… telling FightHype Broner needed to “grow up” and even questioned the validity of the four titles he’s won over the course of his career.

Upset, Broner took to Youtube to respond this week, after being unable to reach Mayweather on the phone.

“You making it so personal, like I’m fighting you. N*gga, I ain’t fighting you,” Broner said, after calling Mayweather a “f*ck boy.” “You ain’t said sh*t about me fighting Ashley Theophane. You went on a diss, like you that much in your feelings. Quit playing with me, man.”

“You only f*ck with a couple of them TMT fighters, you don’t even f*ck with them for real,” he continued. “You want me to be TMT, n*gga. Quit playing with me. It is what it is. I don’t f*ck with none of them n*ggas. I f*ck with you.”

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