Trick Daddy Recalls Past Beef With Rick Ross

By Staff  |  11/10/2015

Trick Daddy

Trick Daddy made an appearance on The Breakfast Club on Tuesday (Nov. 10), where he touched on a number of topics, including his past issues with Rick Ross.

The Miami rap vet was one of the first artists to call out Ross over his background as a corrections officer, but apparently, the two have since resolved things.

"If y'all didn't notice, you haven't heard anything about that [Rick Ross feud] since," Trick Daddy said. "See real men handle they business. They talk they differences and everything... It always be those mini-mes, the me-toos, and the yes-men that keep stuff up... I don't really have time to instigate problems with no old beef or no old misunderstanding."

While he and Rick Ross are on good terms now, he found Rozay's recent exchanges with rival 50 Cent entertaining.

"The 50 and the Rick Ross thing been going on for a long time. So, it's just comical to me," Trick said. "But, when I saw Vivica say something to 50 and then 50 commented like -- He was like 'So now she think I’m gay because I let her eat my behind.' I was like 'wow.' I was trying to high-five 50."