PUMA Introduces Power-Lacing System Called AUTODISC

By Staff  |  11/10/2015


Power-lacing Nikes were expected on Back To The Future Day, but Michael J. Fox was the only recipient of a real-working version of the Nike MAGs. So, it seems PUMA has rushed to beat them to the market, as the company reveals its own version of auto-lacing sneakers, dubbed AUTODISC.

PUMA's new technology offers an automated fit with the touch of a button. It features a patented disc closure system featuring a servo motor that powers a unique cable system designed to offer tunable support throughout the shoe.

According to HighSnobiety, the commercial version included charging plate included, so a wearer won't have to plug the shoe to a power source.

PUMA will begin introducing the AUTODISC system in 2016.