Metro Boomin Says Artists Copy Future, Young Thug Responds

By Staff  |  11/10/2015

Young Thug and Metro Boomin

Producer Metro Boomin ruffled some feathers this week, when he slammed rappers for what he feels is a blatant rip-off of Future's formula for success.

He took to Twitter, saying rappers are dropping multiple mixtapes... a trend he feels Future has championed in recent years.

"Everyday I wake up, new mixtapes are falling out of the sky.. I think we all know where the trend came from lol," Metro Boomin tweeted, alongside a photo of Future sipping coffee.

Apparently, Young Thug felt some type of way about the comments and responded.

"Hey @MetroBoomin who u referring to ????" Thugger tweeted. "Put some names on that sh*t lil boy."

A n*gga music couldn't ever sound nowhere near mines.... ((IM MICHEAL)) he's ((TITO))," he continued. "It's ok to ride a n*gga d*ck, but don't agitate another one lil n*gga."

Later, Metro Boomin clarified his comments, saying he's aware Future wasn't the first to do this... but says he's currently leading the pack.

"For all you internet n*ggas who like to tweet like you know everything, I'm not saying he's the first to do it," the producer wrote. "But artists have not put this much music out in years, now artists are dropping tapes every month. Everyone was holding their music b4."

"All I'm saying is, I wish that everyone would put out more quality music over the quantity. It's a marathon, not a sprint," Metro Boomin concluded.