Dame Dash Talks “Circle Of Success” Concept & Why It Didn’t Work

By Staff  |  11/10/2015

Dame Dash

Back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, when Roc-A-Fella Records was at its peak, Dame Dash came up with a concept called the "Circle Of Success"... but it never worked out.

The way it worked was that everyone within his circle get rich together, so that if one person within the circle fell on hard times, the others could assist them financially.

"I explained it in Backstage," Sash explained in a conversation with Dr. Boyce Watkins. "Let's say there's 10 of us. Part of our agenda was to get all 10 of us rich because if I go broke, I can just take a little from each of you without it hurting you and now I'm rich again. Let's say it's 10 of us and I need $1 million. $100,000 from each person and I'm a millionaire all over again and everyone else only had to give up $100,000. That's nothing that's gonna crack you. The biggest form of security was to keep your friends rich because whenever you need them, they'd be there for you. It's crazy because I was thinking about how many of my friends really subscribe to that. It ended up being a f*cking farce. None of them [subscribed to it]. I went down for that."

As the conversation continued, Dame says Jay Z also described the concept on his Reasonable Doubt album cut, "Feelin' It," but says Jay didn't believe in it either. "He didn't believe in it," Dame said with a laugh.

"Put it like this, do you see me doing any business with Kevin Hart? With Lee Daniels? Jay Z? With Rachel Roy? None of them."