Machine Gun Kelly Talks About Being Blackballed

By Staff  |  11/06/2015

Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly stopped by The Breakfast Club this week, in support of his chart-topping sophomore album, General Admission.

During the interview, he discussed a number of topics, from being blackballed to his relationship with Amber Rose.

First, MGK talked about notched the first No. 1 album of his career... and being blown away. "My first No. 1! It's way better than anything I've ever done. I wish it would've been my first album," he explained. "I didn't see that No. 1 coming, either, because I saw so many bridges burned from the first time I came out. I never realized how complicated it is to go back and try to walk those bridges that I burned already."

When asked about the bridges he burned, MGK says goes on to reveal that he's been blackballed throughout the industry, from Eminem's Shade 45 satellite radio channel (possibly for comments he previously made about Eminem's daughter) to The FADER to Rolling Stone.

"I'm telling you, there's a stigma about me, man," Machine Gun Kelly said. "Why you think Coachella never let me on the stage? I have the illest performance... I'm one of the best live performers in this generation. Bruh, the same reason why I'm not on Shade 45. I'm a young man from the Midwest, trying to speak for a bunch of degenerates, just like [Eminem]."

"Rolling Stone refused to review this album," he continued. "Welcome to my life."

While radio and publiciations won't show him love, MGK says he gets love from his peers. "I get a lot of respect from other artists. I've had Jay Z hand me Ace of Spades bottles," he said.

Later, MGK talked about Amber Rose, whom he recently broke up with, revealing that he gave Wiz Khalifa a call when they first starting dating. "I called Wiz," he said. "I operate as a man. So, I like to always to face things head on, be a man about stuff. Everything was very natural, like no malicious. Just one of those things... like the universe is telling you one thing."