Bushwick Bill: Geto Boy (Documentary Trailer)

By Staff  |  11/06/2015

Bushwick Bill, of the legendary Geto Boys, is the focus of an upcoming documentary film, called Bushwick Bill: Geto Boy.

Directed by Greg Roman, the film chronicles the life of rap legendĀ from the man himself. In it, a now marture Bill reflects on his controversial life as a member of Southern rap pioneers, the Geto Boys, while recounting his most memorable triumphs and failures, both in the public eye and private.

The trailer above gives a glimpse of what to expect from the documentary, which is being launched via IndieGogo.

"Our desire to do a documentary on Bill has been one that stretches over a decade long," Roman writes. "It finally became a reality a few years ago when we were able to track Bill down in Austin, Texas. A bit of a rolling stone, Bill may jump from town to town, but one thing is certain, no matter where he lands, people always recognize him. He is undoubtably a hardcore rap legend. He has the stories to back it up. He has rapped lyrics that command it. And he literally has the scars to prove it."

Bushwick Bill: Geto Boy launches soon. For more info, or to fund the film, visit IndieGogo.