Balmain x H&M

The anticipated Balmain x H&M Fall collection dropped on Thursday (Nov. 5), and sold out in minutes.

It was madness at retail, as scenes at H&M store fronts looked more like a Black Friday sales rush, than a limited fashion collection drop, especially in Europe.

Videos of stores in the UK and Turkey surfaced online, showing shoppers shoving each other and knocking over shelves, after waiting for hours, just to get a piece from Balmain’s affordable, yet limited H&M collection.

In NYC, lines extended through the streets, with shoppers camping out the evening before, said reports.

Many pieces from the collection have already popped up on eBay at heavily-inflated resell prices. As noted by FoxNews, a gold and black dress that sold for $549 in stores was listed on eBay for $1,350, while a green dress that sold for $199 was listed for more than $600 on eBay.

The Balmain x H&M collection was heavily promoted via campaigns featuring Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid.