Q&A: Frank The Butcher Talks PUMA Collab, Design & Rihanna

By Eddy Vega  |  11/03/2015

Boston creative Frank The Butcher recently collaborated with PUMA for a capsule collection, dubbed "Eat What You Kill."

The drop features apparel offerings, such as a pair of jerseys, sweatpants and a beanie, alongside a new version of the classic PUMA R698 sneakers -- all sporting a color palette of black, white and gold.

With the drop available now, exclusively at The PUMA Lab Powered by Foot Locker, Footaction and PUMA locations, we chopped it up with Frank to discuss the partnership, the message behind his designs, and his thoughts on Rihanna's recent alliance with PUMA.

What is it about Puma that draws you to them?

Puma is officially the first sneaker brand of street culture. If you look back in the timeline when shoes started being reappropriated for street use, Puma was there front row. Working with Ouma is very much in line with all my ideals and all my interests. It was perfect.

Talk about your relationship with Puma and how you working with them came to be.

Working with them is great. They really understand the vision and we are in line on how we want to spread the message. With that, I've developed a product that has a very specific message, speaking to teens and kids and working hard. I think that being here for that puts me in a perfect platform to be able to leverage these partnerships to really speak to a wide set of kids, as opposed to my previous project that were a lot more limited.

So, you had more input on this collaboration than you did with others?

Absolutely, it's always designed with my style, my design aesthetic, but I think that the messaging is what was most important with me. I wanted to develop a product that, of course, people would love style-wise, but I wanted it to say something, as opposed to just buy this shoe because it's a new color.

Tell us about your collaborative shoe. What the story with the choice of material and colors?

Anybody who's purchased any projects I've done in the past will still see the material quality hasn't went away. Everything in it just spoke out.

How do you think the sneaker community will react? And, what kind of feedback have you received thus far?

The response has been amazing. Nothing short of positive and I love how it's been moving all types of people... from my celebrity friends, music industry friends, all the way to my neighborhood friends and people I grew up with in the block. I think it's been well received and I've been blessed with this opportunity.

Is this an ongoing partnership with Puma?

Absolutely, we have a long term partnership and I can't wait for people to see what we've been cooking up. I can't wait for 2016, it's going to be even more special for the things to come.

Rihanna has joined the PUMA brand. How do you feel her presence will affect the brand?

I think that's amazing. She's an icon. She's a certain type of icon that maintains her individuality, she controls, she's powerful, her brand is powerful. She shows she's in the driver seat and I think that's an amazing message for young girls to know they can control their future. Be strong, be individual, be independent and she's an amazing pillar behind the philosophy.

What's been some of your favorite drops from PUMA as of late?

Yeah, Puma's been killing it. The sneaker freaker joints that dropped recently are amazing. The Rihanna joints for girls are amazing. I think it's exciting for me who's also working with Puma, helps shift energy around.

Worked with Casey veggies before or anything in the possible future?

I have yet the pleasure on meeting Casey. I'm a fan of his music and his brand. We have a lot of mutual friends, it's a great opportunity to link with him. Hopefully we meet one day.