Problem Addresses YG Beef, Says He’s A Phone Call Away

By Staff  |  11/03/2015

YG and Problem

Rumors of a beef between YG and Problem began in 2014, when YG seemed to throw a subliminal at his Compton counterpart during a freestyle on the Funk Flex Show.

At the time, both downplayed the beef... calling it "nothing" ... and that was that.

During an appearance on Hot 97 this week, Problem opened up about rumored issues with YG, when asked by host Nessa.

"Honestly, I don't know where we're at, because we haven't spoken. Ever since there was a supposed rift, we haven't spoken," the rapper admits. "It's just be a lot of... you'll see somebody saying something over there, I might say something over here. But, what I do respect about him is that, when we have to do business, all that sh*t's out the window. A lot of people don't know, when we was first on '106 & Park', we had a problem then. You couldn't tell that. That's why I respect him, as a man. We not gonna f*ck off this business for no petty sh*t."

When pressed about where their problems stem from, Problem didn't really have an answer... saying he really couldn't pinpoint the moment they fell out.

"I really don't know," Problem said. "I'mma say there's a lot of other people involved, and he's a very prideful dude, he's from Compton. So, I understand it. We gonna defend our own. I don't think me and him have anything, because we were cool. It's a time and place thing."

Despite the beef, Problem says he's a phone call away.

"Personally, I'd love to sit down and have a talk with him," he said. "We can sit in a room by ourselves, whatever happens happens, as long as we come and everything's done. That's cool, because I think the fans wanna see us together.

"I have no issues. Personally, I have no issues with him. If he has one with me, it ain't nothing but a phone call."