D12 Talks New Mixtape, Eminem & Run-Ins With Suge Knight

By Staff  |  11/02/2015


On Halloween, D12 reunited for a brand new mixtape paying homage to their 2001 debut, Devil's Night.

In support of the drop, members Swifty McVay, Kuniva and Bizarre appeared on The Breakfast Club to talk about the Devil's Night mixtape... and their history.

First, regarding Eminem's absence from the project, D12 explained that Em was just too busy. "We're all together. But, just for this mixtape, dude just couldn't get on it," Kuniva explained.

Later, D12 recalled a pair of run-ins they've had with Suge Knight over the years, and how scared people were when the infamous figure showed up.

"I think we're the only group that ever ran into Suge [Knight] and weren't scared," Bizarre said, before detailing a pair of incidents.

In one incident, they saw him in Las Vegas, and Suge tried to shake Proof's hand, but the late rapper wasn't having it. "He was like, 'Nah, I ain't shaking your hand man. You killed Tupac.' He wanted the fade... He was like, 'You, you, you...' He wanted to fight us all... Nothing never happened... everybody got separated," they said.

In the second incident, Suge showed up to 50 Cent's "In Da Club" music video shoot in Los Angeles, where many people on the set took off running. "Everybody was shook, except for G-Unit and D12," they said.

Devil's Night is out now.