Kobe Bryant Pulls Back, Says “Time For Young Players To Call Shots”

By Staff  |  10/31/2015

Kobe Bryant

Throughout his career, Kobe Bryant took things into his own hands by taking over games and willing his team to victory.

Today, at 37 years old and in the final year of his contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe is looking toward the team's future... and wants the younger players to step up.

"Can't do it. Got to let them develop," Kobe tells ESPN of pulling back from taking control of games. And the "them" he's referring to is rookie guard D'Angelo Russell, second-year guard Jordan Clarkson and second-year forward Julius Randle.

However, he admits it's not easy for him. "It's difficult. But it has to be done," Kobe says.

"I'm really wanting to let the young guys, especially D'Angelo, let him call the game," Bryant continues. "Let him call the game. Let him organize the game. Let him read the game. Let him read the flow. Let him make those decisions.

"Which is part of me taking a step back, which needs to be done. You have to let the young guys make those reads and you have to be able to help them and support them with those reads."