Vince Staples Gets Backlash Over Critique Of 1990s Hip-Hop

Vince Staples

Rising Long Beach rapper Vince Staples was criticized this week, after a TIME headline referred to him as the “Rapper Who Thinks the ’90s Were Totally Overrated”.

In the TIME feature, the 22-year-old rapper explained that since he was so young during the 1990s “Golden Era” of hip-hop, he’s not very familiar with the music… and doesn’t understand why the moment in time gets so much praise.

“I was born in 1993 in Long Beach, California and I don’t remember any of it because I was a baby,” Staples tells TIME. “But, I’m pretty sure it was nice. …90s get a lot of credit. I don’t really know why. Biggie and Tupac, those are the staples of the 90s. That’s why they get the golden era credit. There’s not a 50 Cent in the 90s. They don’t even have a Kanye. Jay Z’s biggest song, his only number one happened a couple years ago.”

N.O.R.E., of C-N-N, was one of the artists to rise to fame during the 1990s, and he took offense to Staples’ comments, taking to Twitter to address it. “Just don’t call something overrated if u ain’t live in it to appreciate its value in the 1st place that’s all!!!” N.O.R.E. tweeted.

In response, Staples replied: “@noreaga I said I aint listen to it cause I didn’t I aint never talk down you tryna say slick sh*t thats corny.”

Staples further commented on the backlash he received, painting a pictureof why he just doesn’t get the impact of 1990s hip-hop.

“N*ggas telling me I wouldn’t exist without 90s hip hop as if I don’t have a mother or father,” Staples said. “Speaking of such my mother apologized for having me too late to experience Keith Murray and shes sorry for letting you all down. In 1999 I was 7 years old and toy story 2 had just dropped you n*ggas really think I was worried about hip hop?”

Another rapper of the current generation backed Staples in his stance on 1990s rap, also saying the music from the past era doesn’t appeal to him either. His name is Tyler The Creator.


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  1. SMH I fux with vince but this shit right here is NOT going to sit well for your career homie. its too much fire that came out of the 90s for you to say that and FUCK tyler the creator. corny ass nigga.

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