Google Study Finds “Man Buns” As Popular Hairstyle Search

By Staff  |  10/29/2015

Jared Leto

Man buns are a trend that many men are adopting these days, whether people like it or not. Surprisingly, it's more popular than you may think.

In its annual beauty report, Google found that the number of searches for "man buns" has exploded in 2015, making it one of the most popular hairstyle searches of the past year.

"While Jared Leto and Leonardo DiCaprio were among the first celebrities to put the man bun in the spotlight, search volume puts Harry Styles as the celebrity most associated with the trend since October 2014," writes Google. "Now, lots of men are trying to to get the look themselves, turning to search as their stylist in I-want-to-do moments."

As the search engine reveals, men are searching "How to grow a man bun" and "how to tie a man bun" as some of the most common questions about the style.

Also in the report, another popular search term for guy's hair was "comb-over," which is usually linked to Donald Trump's hairdo, though not exclusively.