Corporate Logos Coming to NBA Jerseys… For One Game

By Staff  |  10/29/2015

NBA jerseys with advertising...

There's been talk about it in the past, and now, it's official. Corporate logos are coming to NBA jerseys... at least for one game.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the NBA is allowing its official car sponsor, Kia, to put a logo patch on the upper left-hand corner of the All-Star Game jerseys this season and the next.

Back in 2011, league commissioner Adam Silver, who was deputy commissioner at the time, said that logos on jerseys could generate at least $100 million a year in revenue for the league and its teams. However, last year, he admitted that talk of the revenue stream had slowed, because the league's TV partners felt that a logo from a non-advertiser could undermine them.

Currently, there's no set rules that suggest that all future logo ads would have to come with TV ad buys, or that the networks themselves would be responsible for selling the space.