Hulk Hogan’s 1998 WCW Contract Leaked! He Was Banking It!

By Staff  |  10/28/2015

Hulk Hogan

While Hulk Hogan's popularity has declined sharply thanks to his use of racist slurs in the past, it's likely he'll be okay financially.

This week, a copy of his 1998 WCW contract surfaced on Reddit, which revealed that the wrestling icon was making some major bread in his peak years.

Below are a few of the highlights from the contract, which you can view here:

  • Hogan received a $2 million bonus simply for signing the contract.
  • Hogan received 25 percent of the ticket revenue made during any Nitro or Thunder event that he participated in, with a minimum payday of $25,000.
  • Hogan was paid $20,000 (every month) for being associated with nWo.
  • Hogan got 15 percent of PPV sales for all PPV events that he took part in, with $675,000 being the minimum amount he would collect.
  • Hogan received 50 percent of the profits that WCW made for selling any merchandise directly related to him.