Macklemore Cops Ridiculous Diamond Pear Chain

Macklemore recently got himself a ridiculous piece of bling.

The Seattle rap star took to Instagram this weekend to show off his massive, iced out pear pendant from Tresor Paris, which he claims “took 8 years to make, maybe.”

It’s unclear if he’s joking or not, but he claims it’s made of 233 individual emeralds, green stones, and white gold shards of glass.

“Took 8 years to make it, maybe. This is to remind me that if I stay healthy and eat pears, I will win,” Macklemore writes in the caption: “And to motivate the people I love around me to put down the f*cking fish and pick up a pear. Or if you eat fish, make sure you have a pear with that lil dead funky motherf*cker from the sea.”