Peyton Manning: Best-Selling Jersey Among Female Fans

By Staff  |  10/22/2015

Peyton Manning

With the NFL season is in full swing, DICK'S Sporting Goods offers up this week's Jersey Report, which reveals which football players have the hearts of female fans.

Based off jersey sales across the country, Peyton Manning has the best-selling jersey among female fans... ruling supreme in 9 states.

Below are run stats from DICK'S Sporting Goods Jersey Report:

Ladies Love QBs (and Hollywood Beauty): Is it possible NFL jersey sales are affected by who a player dates, or is married too? Three out of the top six players among female fans are not only QBs, but have a significant other with celeb status: Aaron Rodgers, #2 (Olivia Munn); Russell Wilson, #4 (Ciara) and Tom Brady, #6 (Gisele Bundchen).

There Are A lot of Females That Make-up "The 12th Man": Seattle's infamous fan base, "The 12th Man" is not only powerful, but filled with female fans. The 12th Fan jersey is the 7th most popular jersey among female fans (ranked 66th overall).

Women in Philadelphia More Passionate Fans Than in Buffalo: Last year, LeSean McCoy was a Philadelphia Eagle and had the 13th most popular jersey among female fans. Since moving to Buffalo his jersey has dropped nine spots to 22nd overall. OUCH! Time to step your game up (Buffalo) ladies!

Who Runs New York City?: While NY Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. might have the most popular jersey in New York, New Jersey and New York City, fellow big apple wide receiver Eric Decker (NY Jets) closes out the top 25 with the 25th most popular player jersey overall (26th overall when counting Seattle’s “12th Fan” jersey). Is having country singer Jessie James as a wife helping Decker elevate his star power amongst women, or is he commanding that demand on his own.

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