Wale Talks Meek Mill-Drake Beef, Says It Wasn’t Fair

By Staff  |  10/21/2015


Wale appeared on The Breakfast Club this week to talk about a range of topics, from depression to drugs.

One of the more interesting topics is Meek Mill, whom he previously had issues with.

"I ain't talked to him. I called him several times since [the beef with Drake]. I called him... I don't know what it going on," Wale said, before offering his opinion on Meek's beef with Drake.

"When [Meek Mill] did that, I was like, 'Aight, someone might be off the drink.' A little testosroone on tour, you know, you wit your girl. I don't know what's going on. But, it's not the right decision," he said, regarding Meek first dissing Drake.

"I honestly think [Meek Mill] brought a pencil to a gun fight. He ain't bring a knife. He brought a piece of paper... tried to paper cut him to death," he continued. "You can't compete with somebody that got them type of relationships.

"It doesn't matter if [Meek] wrote 'Ether 3.0,' the opinions of the people would've been: 'The boy from Canada waxed him' ... It's not a fair battle. Drake is nice, he's dope. But, Drake can say 'I went to the bathroom, I had to pee"... and people will be like, 'Dammmnnnnn, he said he had to pee.' "

Despite how things have turned up, Wale said he's still friends with Meek and stands by him. "We friends, dog. Don't get this stuff twisted, like everybody against you. I'm trying to call you and say what's up," Wale said. "But, everybody got their own way of handling things. I wrote Meek when he was locked up."

Also during the interview, Wale talks about rappers doing heroin, dealing with depression, and gay rappers.