Machine Gun Kelly Talks Relationship With Diddy

By Staff  |  10/21/2015

Machine Gun Kelly

Over the summer, Diddy hit the stage at the BET Awards for a performance celebrating the 20th anniversary of his Bad Boy Records label.

In addition to Lil Kim, Ma$e and The Lox, newcomer French Montana also repped for the longtime hip-hop label. One artist missing was Machine Gun Kelly.

When asked why he wasn't there, during an interview on SiriusXM, MGK didn't have an answer either.

"Dog, I don't know. I was watching the TV, wondering the same thing. I don't know. It's all good, though," the rapper said. "I was on tour. I truely don't know. I was definitely bummed when I saw it."

Regarding his relationship with Diddy, MGK said the two are cool, but don't communicate much these days.

"We live two completedly different lifestyles," MGK explained. "It's not like he's gonna pop up on me in Montana while I'm on tour. These are places that I'm at. I just came here from Witchita, Kansas this morning. You know what I'm saying? I'm living a whole different type of life than that. I'm not even around the L.A.'s and New York's."

When asked if he plays his music for Diddy before it's released, he says: "Nah, no. He's doing his own artist stuff."

Machine Gun Kelly's sophomore album, General Admission, is out now.