Canada Issues Recall Notice For DeLorean On “Back To The Future Day”

DeLorean - Back To The Future

Being that it’s Back To The Future Day, we’ve seen a several promotions and news about the iconic trilogy. The latest comes from the Canadian government.

In honor of the special day, Canada gets in on the fun by releasing an official recall notice for the DMC-12 model DeLorean, which Doc Brown used as his time-traveling vehicle in the 1980s movie series, Back To The Future.

Apparently, there’s some problems with the DeLorean’s time travel abilities.

“On a certain DMC-12 car converted into a time machine, a defect in the flux capacitor could lead to inability to travel through time while travelling at 88 miles per hour (141.6 km/h) and may increase energy consumption beyond 1.21 gigawatts,” the release reads, referencing the speed at which the movies’ DeLorean can travel to the future. “This could have disastrous consequences.”

Furthermore, to fix the problem, Canada says, “Doc Brown will affect repairs.”

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