Lamar Odom Transported To L.A. Hospital, Kidneys Failing

Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom was transported to a Los Angeles hospital by medical helicopter from Las Vegas on Monday night (Oct. 19) to continue his recovery, reports ESPN.

The move comes a week after the former NBA player was found unconscious at Nevada’s Love Ranch brothel last Tuesday (Oct. 13).

Odom was accompanied by his estranged wife, Khloe Kardashian, according to a statement. Furthermore, his father and his two children from a previous relationship are with him, along with Kardashian.

“He continues to make miraculous progress, taking a few steps in Los Angeles,” the statement said.

He’s now breathing on his own, and has been conversing with family and friends.ย However, TMZ reports that his kidneys are failing and may need a transplant.

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  1. Prayer goes out to Lamar. You caught a bad rap bro. It’s a shame how bad people no matter what success you have; they have in this life they seem to seek out the ones that are a little unmisfortune. These people my brother are evil and I pray that once you make it through this. That you find your way. Not to tell you what to do, but a simple suggestion. Surrounded yourself with ones that love you. Your family. Peace bro

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