Lil Wayne’s Lawyers File Lawsuit For Unpaid Legal Fees

By Staff  |  10/19/2015

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne has been ordered to pay up $2 million to a private jet company. To add insult to injury, the lawyers that represented him in the case have filed a lawsuit against him... for unpaid legal fees.

According to, Wayne's attorneys at Garbett, Allen & Roza claim the rapper owes over $80,000 in unpaid legals fees for their services in the case.

Here's what happened. Signature Jets sued the rapper back in 2014, claiming he owed more than $1 million for the use of their private jets. By the time the case was settled, he was ordered to pay up $2 million, due to late fees, etc.

Now, his lawyers want to be paid for their services. Wayne's lawyers say they've applied the $12,000 retainer he paid them when they were hired last year, but he still owes $80,682.45.