The Game Explains Lupe Fiasco Diss On “Documentary 2”

By Staff  |  10/16/2015

The Game

If you listened to Game's new album, The Documentary 2, you might've noticed a diss to Lupe Fiasco on the Ab-Soul featured album cut, "Dollar & A Dream."

On the song, the Compton rapper spits: "Got three thousand stacks, I ain't talking 'bout Andre / I put it on your head, I ain't talking no toupee / See I stayed the same, ain't go weird like Lupe."

In an interview with Letty Martinez, Game explains why he took a swing at his Chicago counterpart, Lupe Fiasco... explaining that artists change over time or fans' taste change as well.

"He is f*cking weird," he says. "Thing is, you obviously can't have the 'old Game.' I was 23 years old. I was bald-head then. If you talking about the 'old Game,' what's in my heart and what my music is, I'm currently fighting three court cases, criminal. I'm currently still in the hood. My grandfather died today. My brother Big Fase still lives on Black Wall Street. So when you say the 'old Game' and you make it seem like I'm not the Old game, you're disrespecting the makeup of me and who I am and you're playing yourself.

"I think that people that say they want the old Game, you might not be the old fan. Game don't change. You just might be different. Because 10 years past for me and my career, those same 10 years have passed for you as a fan. Your ears might be different. You might be a different fan. Check yourself.

"Personally, on the Lupe front, maybe I might be lost now or maybe Lupe is just evolving and Game can't see it. I miss the old Lupe records when it was about Chi-Town and it was hood and maybe I'm being what I'm telling other people not to be. But, that's just being a fan of music. Some people evolve and you are able to embrace it. Then other people evolve and you get mad. That's why when some people might be like, 'Game, you changed' or 'I like the Old Game,' you might be what I'm being when I say I like the old Lupe. At the end of the day it's being a Hip Hop fan and being critical and wanting the music that you want."