Slim Jesus Addresses Confrontation In Atlanta

Slim Jesus

Following a video of him being confronted in Atlanta by a Chicago rapper, Slim Jesus responds… brushing off the incident.

“If you look in that video, you see my cameraman pop out right from behind me, puts his arm between us and I walked off,” Slim Jesus tells “There was nothing about to happen there. No talking about I need security. No, I got security don’t worry about it.”

The Ohio rapper was in Atlanta for the annual A3C Hip Hop Festival recently, during which he was confronted by a Chicago rapper known as MB Jesus. In a clip that surfaced online, MB is seen telling Slim to tell cameras “who the real Slim Jesus is.” After demanding this several times, Slim walks away… and is called “a bitch”.

Later in the interview, Slim Jesus discusses the negative attention he’s received, saying that its helped his career.

“Keep doing it,” Slim Jesus said. “Y’all the ones that put me out state to state everywhere. If it wasn’t for y’all, it wouldn’t have blown up like it did and I wouldn’t be out here going all over the place doing shows.”

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