DJ Khaled’s Been Trying To Get Rihanna’s Number, But Can’t

By Staff  |  10/16/2015

DJ Khaled and Rihanna

DJ Khaled has to be one of the ultimate collaborators of all-time. He's working with everybody, from Rick Ross to Jay Z to Kanye West. But, there's one artists he's yet to work with that he's dying to... and that's Rihanna.

In an interview with Complex, Khaled said he's been trying to get in contact with the pop star... but can't make it happen.

"I really wanna work with Rihanna," Khaled explained. "She's my friend, I just ... it's just, they won't let me get her number. I'm confused. I call everybody, 'Can I speak to Rihanna...' And, she's my friend. Why they won't let me call her? I'm a fan of Rihanna and that's my friend.

"I always call for her number... I can't get it. They won't let me. It kills me. How you don't let me get it?"

What do you think? Would a DJ Khaled x Rihanna collabo be a hit?

Khaled is prepping the release of his new album, I Changed A Lot, which is due out Oct. 23. Pre-order it now on iTunes.