Tony Hawk Helping Develop New Hoverboard

By Staff  |  10/15/2015

Tony Hawk Helping Develop New Hoverboard

The hoverboard craze seemed to take off last March, when a prank video by HUVr Tech hit the net, showcasing what was said to be the very first hoverboard.

Now, technology firm Arx Pax -- the company behind the Hendo hoverboard -- has tapped Tony Hawk to help in the development of a new and improved hoverboard model, dubbed the Hendo 2.0, reports Gizmodo.

The Hendo 2.0 will sport a thinner and narrower deck than its predecessor, while something similar to skateboard trucks have been added to improve "traction".

Other improvements include charging, USB connectivity and longer battery life, as well as a wireless safety switch that allows the user to turn off the board remotely.

The new hoverboard has yet to be unveiled, but is expected to be revealed to the public next week.