Study Shows That Nearly 90% Of Android Devices Have Security Flaws

By Staff  |  10/14/2015

Android phones

Most Android users boast about their device's superiority over that of iOS users... but apparently, Android phones are pretty vulnerable to known flaws.

A new study, partially funded by Google and conducted by researchers at the University of Cambridge, revealed that a whopping 87 percent of Android devices are vulnerable to potential security flaws, reports Engadget.

The study examined more than 20,000 Android devices from a variety of different manufacturers and carriers, prompting them to install their Device Analyzer app and run it in the background.

Thanks to the data, researchers were able to score manufacturers based on critical vulnerabilities, security updates and devices still waiting for security patches.

Alastair R. Beresford, a member of the research team, said most manufacturers simply don't issue necessary security patches regularly, leaving devices open to malware attacks.

"Many smartphones are sold on 12–24 month contracts," the study states. "And yet, our data shows few Android devices receive many security updates, with an overall average of just 1.26 updates per year, leaving devices unpatched for long periods of time."

Google's own Nexus devices got 5.2 out of 10 score, making them the safest out of all Android handsets available, while LG came in second place with a score of 4.0.

"Our hope is that by quantifying the problem, we can help people when choosing a device," Beresford explained. "And that this, in turn, will provide an incentive for other manufacturers and operators to deliver updates."

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