Karrine Steffans Calls Lil Wayne Sex Tape: “Dry. Dry. Dry.”

By Staff  |  10/12/2015

Lil Wayne and Superhead

News of a Lil Wayne sex tape being shopped surfaced last month, and while most of us have yet to see it, the rapper's ex Karrine Steffans says he has... and it's not impressive.

Steffan, aka Superhead, took to Twitter on Sunday (Oct. 11), saying she was about to watch Wayne's mixtape... while taking a jab.

"The homie @LilTunechi has a sex tape? I know that sh*t is short than a mugg... *presses play*," Steffans said.

The sex tape reportedly features Lil Wayne with two strippers. Steffans offered her opinion on it. "that @LilTunechi sex tape is so dry," she wrote. "Brought flash backs of texting and looking at the ceiling in missionary for 8 years. Sigh.

"Listen, I can only protect a dude for so long. Once the sex tape drops, the jig is up!"