P-Dice: “Fetty Wap Booted Me From Remy Boyz To Avoid Beef”

Fetty Wap and P-Dice

There’s some controversy swirling within Fetty Wap’s Remy Boyz camp, with member P-Dice revealing that he’s been ousted.

In an interview with Vlad TV, P-Dice claims that Wap opted to expel him from the group to avoid a street beef between he and New Jersey artist Tax G, who claims Fetty Wap stole his style.

Dice says Tax G’s camp pressed Fetty Wap, telling him that he has problems with their entire camp, after exchanging words with Dice on social media. So, instead of standing by his friend, he booted him… says Dice.

“When the Tax G incident happened he had some people press them,” P-Dice claimed. “So his big homie basically pressed Fetty Wap and said ‘yo, it’s either him or all of y’all.’ And [Fetty] was like, ‘Aiight, it’s him. It’s just P-Dice.”

Wap later responded in a video of his own, claiming he kicked P-Dice out of the group… because he simply wasn’t around.ย The New Jersey rap star says Dice would show up for big shows like the MTV Awards, but was a no-show for smaller, club shows during the come-up.

“Where the f*ck are you? You were no where around?” Wap says.

Wap also addressed claims that he was afraid of street beef, calling it a lie. “N*gga, when was I ever scared of beef? .. I was the first n*gga to try to get a gun for you, my n*gga. I’m only saying ‘tried’, because I ain’t trying to indict myself. You know what’s up? You know who was ready to die with you.”

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