Young Chop Calls Out Kanye West, Says He Uses Artists

Young Chop

Young Chop is accusing Kanye West of using artists.

In a pair of Instagram posts, both of which he labeled “The Truth,” the Chicago producer says Kanye will reach out to new artists, use them, and never call them again.

“The n*gga Kanye don’t make it no better,” Young Chop says. “He right along with the sh*ts. Use you, try to soak up everything n*ggas know, get you to write songs for him, and then don’t call you after that. F*ck you.”

In a follow-up post, Chop references his breakout hit, Chief Keef’s “Don’t Like,” as well as his recent co-sign of Vic Mensa.

“Say for instance, like, ‘Don’t Like,” and my boy Vic Mensa. They gon’ make it seem like he put them on. And he really f*cking didn’t. N*ggas started from the bottom,” says Chop.

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