Inside Bastian & Maria Yotta $100K A Month Lifestyle

By Staff  |  10/06/2015

German couple Bastian and Maria Yotta dreamed of an upscale lifestyle the rich experience in California. While they did live this way in their native Germany, they were criticized. People would spit on their Ferrari and sneer at Maria's large breasts. So, they made the move to Los Angeles, and couldn't be any happier.

Barcroft TV offers a look into the flamboyant couple's lifestyle, which caused a stir after Instagram images began spreading around the Internet. The photos were filled with crazy pool parties, super cars and $10,000 dollar shopping sprees.

In the clip, cameras get exclusive access to Bastian and Maria Yottaat at their $10,000 a month home in Beverly Hills, where they reveal that they spend $100,000 a month to live their outrageous life.