Artist Nathan Sawaya, known for making detailed 3D pieces out of Legos, took things to another level recently with the creation of a life-sized version of the iconic Batmobile.

He tells The Nerdist: “This took over 480 hours, and I wish I could have spread them out over a longer period, but that was done in two months. That’s like 6-7 days every week, 10-12 hours every day, just living, breathing Batmobile, because this exhibition opens in November, and this has to go out on a boat. It’s being shipped by boat to Sydney, so I had a limited time frame to get it done.”

For the particular, Sawaya collaborated with DC comics co-publisher Jim Lee over the course of three months to complete the design and prep it for building. In the end, the result is a full-sized, 18-foot-long car, made of 500,000 LEGO bricks.

The LEGO Batmobile will be displayed as part of an art exhibition called “The Art of the Brick: DC Comics,” jointly sponsored by DC and Warner Bros., which will tour the world. It begins Sydney, Australia in November. For more info, visit his website